Training T&C

Accueil Training T&C

Terms and Conditions

Article 1: object

These general conditions of sale are intended to clarify the relationship between the Buyer and Sunnikan Consulting.

Article 2.: Registration

Requests for registration are made by returning the registration form, duly completed by the Buyer. Registration will be taken into account only if all the sections of this bulletin are filled in. The registration form, dated, signed by an authorized person and stamped with the stamp of the company is worth, for Sunnikan Consulting, order of order; it can be directly accompanied by the order form of the company.

Article 3.: Confirmation of registration

After registering an application for registration, an e-mail is sent to the person in charge of registration:
– to confirm the registration;
– to inform him of the waiting time;
– to inform him that the course is complete.

Article 4.: Administrative information

Depending on the number of participants, the training takes place in the premises of Sunnikan Consulting (in Fontenay-sous-Bois (94)) or nearby and takes place between 9:30 and 17:30. The exact address, the access plan and the convocation will be communicated to the participant by e-mail no later than one week before the start of the training.

Article 5.: Contractual Documents

A training agreement can be established.
A training certificate is issued at the end of the training to each participant who has completed the training. A copy of the attendance sheet is issued to the company or OPCA upon request.

Article 6.: Modification of program

Sunnikan Consulting reserves the right to modify the program if, in spite of all its efforts, circumstances compel it.

Article 7.: Rates and methods of payment

Registration fees include participation in the session, handing over documentation, lunches and coffee breaks. All prices are quoted in euros excluding tax. Add a 20% VAT. The payment of the price of the training can be made:
– by check payable to Sunnikan Consulting
– by bank transfer, payable to Sunnikan Consulting (details indicated on the invoice).

Article 8.: Conditions of cancellation and postponement

Any cancellation by the Buyer must be communicated in writing.
For any cancellation by the Purchaser of the registration of a participant in the training, received from 10 (ten) business days to 5 (five) business days before the first day of the training, a penalty corresponding to 30% of the amount educational fees will be paid. After this date, and until the day of the training, all the teaching fees will be retained. Training materials will only be provided to the participant if the full cost of teaching fees has been paid. The cancellation will not incur any costs if the participant is replaced by an employee of the same company. Sunnikan Consulting reserves the right to postpone or cancel the training if circumstances beyond its control require it in particular if the number of participants is judged by the trainer (s) pedagogically insufficient. In the event of cancellation by Sunnikan Consulting, the company undertakes to immediately inform each participant of the training, who will then have the opportunity to register for a subsequent training session or to request a refund of the payment made. Under no circumstances may Sunnikan Consulting be required to reimburse the booking fees for the Buyer’s ticket or accommodation ticket taken for the purpose of the training.

Article 9.: Protection of personal data

The personal data of the Purchaser and the participants are intended exclusively for the personnel of Sunnikan Consulting and are used for the administrative follow-up of the training. This data may also be used to send you our commercial news, such as our training, unless opposed by you, by sending an email to: stating in the subject: « Unsubscribe ». Sunnikan Consulting has declared to the CNIL its customer management files in accordance with the regulations.
In accordance with article 39 and 40 of the law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 modified relative to the computing, the files and the liberties, the Purchaser has a right of access, rectification and suppression of his personal data. These rights are exercised with the Legal Department of Sunnikan Consulting.

Article 10. Confidentiality and intellectual property

The information contained in the training materials is the intellectual property of Sunnikan Consulting and is protected by copyright. These documents can only be used during training sessions run by Sunnikan Consulting. Any use, reproduction or distribution of the training medium, whether partial or total, is strictly prohibited. Sunnikan reserves all remedies to protect its product from use, reproduction or distribution that is not the subject of a contract or prior agreement.

Version of December 13, 2017

Sunnikan is a training organization (registered under number 11 94 04876 94. This registration is not equivalent to State approval).