The Sunnikan method

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An optimised working method shared by the entire team

Sunnikan has developed a series of highly specific tools and methods based on our own approach to quality, along with a highly stringent internal process.

Our vision of quality

Sunnikan is committed to upholding quality management objectives:

  1. Ensuring patient safety and safeguarding their rights,
  2. Ensuring compliance with legislation, regulations, and recommendations in force,
  3. Ensuring the data collected is reliable and fit for use.

But Sunnikan also takes a highly pragmatic approach with a view to helping operational staff optimise their everyday work as seamlessly as possible, by providing them with tools and methods they can easily incorporate into their roles.

Our vision of internal processes

Sunnikan strives for excellence in our working methods:

  • Standardised tools and methods, shared with and improved by all,
  • Developing a permanently updated and streamlined database encompassing over:
    – 3,000 regulatory texts,
    – 700 thematic summaries,
    – 500 SOP templates,
    – 500 document templates.
  • Continuous training for consultants in the regulatory, scientific and methodological fields relevant to their roles.