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France’s leading company in clinical quality management

Sunnikan is an independent company specialising in quality management service and consulting for the health industry. It contributes to optimising the scientific, regulatory and financial development of its clients' clinical data.

Upon being founded in 1996, the company’s focus was on clinical quality management for the pharmaceutical industry. Since then, Sunnikan has expanded its expertise to include risk and process management, as well as pharmacovigilance, epidemiology and regulatory issues for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, nutrition and general health sectors.

Today, Sunnikan is France’s leading company in clinical quality management.

Values embodies in a name: ‘Syn’, meaning ‘together’, and ‘Nikhein’, meaning ‘to win’.

‘Winning together’ implies the high standards we draw on in our work, providing fast and accurate responses, flawless quality, and transparent finance packages. In return, we expect our clients to work with us as reliable partners. Sunnikan puts the emphasis on developing our human potential by rolling out significant and continuous in-house training schemes.